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The Third Level at Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station of New York has two levels. But Charley, a thirty-one year old dweller of the city, talks about there being three. Not only does he believe in the existence of this hypothetical third level but also claims to have been there.

A visit to his psychiatrist friend

Charley visits a psychiatrist friend to talk about this problem. The psychiatrist calls it a “waking-dream wish fulfillment” and rationalises Charley's psychology by saying that the “modern world is full of insecurity, fear, worry, and war...” and everybody wants to escape to some “temporary refuge from reality.” According to him, even hobbies like stamp collection is a manifestation of this escape.


Charley explains that one night while hurrying home, he decided to take the subway from the Grand Central Station. He eventually found himself on a strange third level with spittoons on the floor, oddly dressed people and locomotives from the 1890's.

Understanding he'd somehow gone back in time, Charlie tries to buy tickets to Galesburg. During his lunch break the next afternoon, Charlie withdraws all their savings and buy old style currency. But, he can never find the entrance to the third level at the Grand Central.

Charley finds evidence the third level actually exists when he discovers a letter to him dated 18th July 1894 from Galesburg. It seemed that Charley's friend was not as incredulous of the third level as he appeared.